What The Critics say about Piotr Folkert

Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki Piano Concerto, with its brisk mechanistic ostinatos and slowly evolving lyrical themes, was performed to good effect with Piotr Folkert, soloist.
Allan Kozinn after the Carnegie Hall performance – The New York Times

It’s so much fun, we were sorry when end came so soon. At any rate pianist Piotr Folkert played it with plenty of elan.
The Westsider, New York City , after the Carnegie Hall performance

Brilliant playing.
John Schaefer after live performance on WNYC Radio Station, New York City

The highlight of the evening was Concerto by 20th Century composer Williamson, Piotr Folkert’s interpretation was spectacular. Both orchestra (National Chamber Orchestra, USA) and pianist performed this piece brilliantly.
Rockville Gazette, Maryland

The Andante Spianato and Grand Polonaise was grand indeed, conceived and executed with great passion. Folkert’s technique is a sound one, stopping just short of infallibility of a Wolfram or a Browning.
Folkert is thoroughly rewarding player.
The Green Bay News – Chronicle, Breen Bay, WI

Polish pianist dazzles sci crowd.
He is stunning virtuoso with stellar technique.  Full of tenderness, passion, joy, sorrow and singing style that made the music come to life; Folkert showed the stuff that world-class pianists are made of.
The State Journal, Springfield, Illinois

His playing exploited the beguiling melodies and evocative harmonies of Schubert’s beautiful composition. The interpretation of the concluding fugato grew with energy and insight then into the final doleful chord. The tempo was crisp and the music sparkled.
Fresno News, California

These are the best performances of David Diamond’s chamber music…since Beaux Arts Quartet. The playing is passionate searingly virtuosic, unerringly in tune with Diamond’s idiom. The disc should be indispensable to anyone who cares about American music.
(D. Diamond Chamber Music, DUX 0142)
American Record Guide

One of the best evenings of the whole season. Folkert displayed abilities and flawless technique, demonstrating at the same time beautiful and subtle sonorities of the instrument. (E. MacDowell Concerto #2 with the Silesian Philharmonics)
Ruch Muzyczny, Warsaw

Polish pianist’s recital a winning blend of power and lyricism
The Anglo-Portuguese News, Lisbon

Splendide recital d’un pianiste Polonais.
La Manche Libre, France

His excellent performance was a cause for a standing ovation.
Manila Bulletin, Manila

Piotr Folkert is a pianist of an exceptional talent and maturity.
(J.S.Bach Keyboard Concertos, Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, Arti PD 3001)
Studio Music Magazine, Warsaw

The pianist possesses a wonderful technique and grand powerful yet noble sound.
Piotr Folkert is a high rank musician.
Gazeta Krakowska, Cracow

Glorious performance of Chopin’s First Piano Concerto (Bombay Symphony Orchestra). The Finale, full of gaiety, never lacked in vivacity. It was indeed a beautifully characterized reading.
The Independent, Bombay

Piotr Folkert was a sensitive and brilliant performer. In the typical Chopinesque tones he produced dulcet, liquid tones.
The Times of India, Bombay

The young Polish pianist was brilliantly articulate and commandingly eloquent through the recital. Chopin’s Andante Spianato and Grand Polonaise an often heard piece never sounded so fresh and different as in Folkert’s reading. Perceptive and insightful interpretation.
The Nation, Bangkok

Superb recital by polish pianist.
Folkert’s music is based on a sound technique, intense application and sensitive touch, whether it be deep-chested power of Bach or the sublime finesse of Chopin.
That characteristic was detailed with feeling by the young pianist who evidently has a deep understanding of the composer. Lending to the melody a touch of silk the pianist coaxes the finest of notes… He makes for much listening pleasure.
The Statesmen, Delhi

Superb show by Polish pianist.
Through the entire concert Folkert was in total control of the instrument displaying faultless arpeggios, brilliant runs neatly executed flourishes and wide range of dynamics, which is a result of unfailing technique.
Sunday Star, Kuala Lumpur

The audience was completely captured by Folkert’s brilliant and skillful performance.
Fuzhou Wanbao, Fuzhou, China

Mr. Folkert gave the Kunming Festival unparalleled and unforgettable performance last night. The audience completely “fell in love” with Folkert’s music. Brilliant piano playing.
Yun Nan Newspaper, Kunming, China

Soloists shine at MSO concert.
Folkert imbued the first Allegro with so much character that the orchestra’s straight forward restatement sounded almost lifeless. The piano was more filled with wit and charm. (E. MacDowell Piano Concerto #2 and H. M. Gorecki Piano Concerto with the Macon Symphony Orchestra)
The Telegraph, Macon